2014 Stampin’ Up! Convention Celebrities

Sam Donald, Me, & Angie Juda

Sam Donald (Pootles) and Me in a café downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Sam was fresh off the airplane after traveling from the UK. She is beautiful! We had such a nice visit. She is just as nice in person as she seems in her videos!

I wanted to share some of my highlights from convention. This was my first year to attend and it was wonderful! My most favorite part was being able to meet Sam Donald. We have been internet friend for over a year and I never thought we’d ever actually meet in person.

I also got to meet other celebrities that I have been watching on YouTube for years. Angie Juda who was very sweet to include Sam with her group and make sure she was not by herself.

And I met Dawn Griffith! She is so SWEET! She gave me a hug and I just love her!


I also met France Martin and was able to speak with her for a few minutes but didn’t get a photo. ):  And I met Connie Stewart! Again, no photo. I would get too excited and forget.  LOL!

Dawn Griffith and me