Storage Tip #3 (Part 2) Dies



I had no good way of storing my Bigz dies. So, they all ended up in a file drawer. And of course the one I wanted was always on the bottom. I ordered this box from Stampin’ Up!. It’s a storage box made just for the Bigz XL dies. Inside the box are 2 inserts. The inserts are not glued down but come with adhesive strips.


I decided that I didn’t want to store my dies inside the box. I wanted to be able to see them. So, instead of placing the inserts inside the box, I placed the inserts on top of an Iris cart that sits right next to my Big Shot. (I didn’t use the adhesive strips.) I LOVE IT! Not only are my dies easy to get to but I am also able to keep my Magnetic Platform there also. When I’m using my Magnetic Platform I can keep my Multi-Purpose platform in that spot. I like this even better than the storage of the dies.


I had to place some of the dies so that the labels didn’t show. So, I relabeled them. And I put a pink square to the right on the retired dies.



All of my dies are visible and within arms reach of my Big Shot.

Be sure to check back soon to see my storage solution for Stampin’ Dimensionals, Sticky Strip & Basic Pearls & Rhinestones.

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