Easter Treats

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I wanted to give my club ladies a little treat for Easter. And when I saw this origami box made by Elaine Jackson, I knew that this was the perfect container I was looking for.


This was super easy and quick! It took longer to do the tag then it did to fold the box.

4 boxes

I did one while watching Elaine’s video. After the first one I was able to do the rest on my own. This paper is from the Celebration catalog and no longer available. It’s called Sweet Sorbet. I absolutely love this paper. If fact, I like so much that this was the first time I could bring myself to cut into it! (: It made such beautiful Springtime Easter boxes. This box has no glue. It’s held together just by how it’s folded. And I added a clip to the top for easy access. The clip also makes it possible to re-use the box. Another fun project from Elaine. Here is a link to her website.


Since I’m posting my other boxes, I wanted to post this little box that I made for my mother. I was very busy this weekend! (: This box is Sam Donald’s design. If you scroll down to my post of February 3, 2014, you will find the video to make this cute little box. Enjoy!

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