Easter Baskets

large loly
I have 4 grandchildren and when I saw Elaine Jackson’s video on how to make these origami baskets, I knew I had to do them for my grandchildren.

4 undecoratged
Here are the baskets before decorating. I think they look beautiful just as they are but, I couldn’t help adding a little bling to them. I knew that I wanted some type of handle for lifting off the lids and this worked out great.

all 4
They are actually quite easy to make but with all the embellishing and fussing I did to them, it took me about 5 hours time. Of course I had a ball doing them so the time didn’t really matter. And I was so excited to see the grandkids’ faces when they saw them. The 3 girls are teenagers (actually one just turned 20) and loved them! They want to use them as jewelry boxes. My grandson is 10 and although he liked it, the candy was more important to him. (:  His is the green one so I left off the flowers on the front and didn’t pretty it up quite as much as the girls.
lg purplelg pinklg blue
The blue basket was the only one that didn’t have Stampin’ Up! Ribbon for handles and it was the only one that wouldn’t stay up. This shows the great quality of Stampin’ Up! ribbon. The Rosettes on top were made with the Stampin’ Up! Designer Rosette Bigz XL die. This die is a little pricey but but well worth the money. I use it for all occasions.

Here they are wrapped and ready to be delivered (which I did yesterday). The baskets are full of candy too. Can you believe I forgot to take pictures of the kids when they opened them!!!? Oh well, what a fun project! If you want to give it a try visit Elaine’s website. Thanks for stopping by. If you have any questions, let me know.

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