Boxes In A Winter Ice Storm!

I live in Michigan and Saturday night we were hit with the worst ice storm that I can remember.  Several counties including us have been without power since early Sunday  morning.  Our estimated restoration time is Thursday, December 26, to Saturday, December  28!!!  This will be a memorable Christmas for sure. On the bright side, 😀 our only heat source is down in the basement in my CRAFT ROOM!  I have a small wall mounted gas stove that keeps me warm while I play. So, that is where my husband and I have been camped out. Luckily, it has 2 big windows for light. When we got up this morning, it was 42 degrees upstairs, and 18 degrees outside!


So, what do you do when you’re cooped up in your craft room for days?! YOU PLAY!  These are some boxes that I made. My inspiration came from Angie Juda . This Costal Cabana box is very close to the one Angie made, only she used Soft Sky.



Here are some that I made using her same pattern. The bows were made with the envelope punch board.  The boxes are very easy to make and are a good size.


The polka dot box is slightly bigger than the others because I measured the bottom wrong and rather then pitch it, I decided to make a top that fit.  😉


Here’s a picture of our bird feeder. They have been having huge parties out there! We can hardly keep it filled for them!

Merry Christmas, to all of you!

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